Design Diary: Back From Hiatus

It’s been some time since I’ve been in the designing mentality. In the last four months, I’ve designed exactly three things, all of them commissions: business cards and a logo for my dear friend Pree who is currently blogging about her experience hiking the Appalachian trail from head to foot, a poster for a friend, and an event flyer for an upcoming golf tournament for an acquaintance. It’s nice to be back in the creative kick for it, and I’m really excited to execute ideas from my bucket list.

Thanks to setting up my new desk, I finally have a workspace to thrive in! Today I created a few moodboards to help with some inspiration for upcoming projects.

1 // May Pastels

2 // Curiosities

3 //  Teal

4 // Rustic

I do not own any of the images assembled in these boards. These are for inspirational purposes only.


The design process is a difficult one for me; I struggle with creating. It’s a constant aspiration in trying to achieve the utmost perfection, the absolute masterpiece. I am an over-editor, both in writing, and with design. It is too much sometimes. These qualities come along with being a serial over-thinker and over-analyzer. Nothing is ever complete. Nothing is ever perfect. I submerge myself into my ever-lengthening list of ideas that I want to use and tweaks that I can make to keep perfecting my work.

But sometimes it just has to be. Sometimes you just have to let go, close the book to say, “No, this project is finished. I can use my time more wisely in creating other projects rather than wasting energy making small tweaks that are no longer necessary to the finished project.” Which brings me to my next point.

Inspiration. I am a serious offender in spending much too long searching for inspiration and creative possibilities. I lose so much time searching for inspiration instead of just taking the time to trust my own thought process and create my own work without relying on influence from others. In doing this, I often become so overwhelmed with a thought process and creative goose chase that I lose sight of what I originally intended to create in the first place. This is a problem for me, and it seriously impacts my productivity in a negative way.  I’ve realized that I need to institute limits and restrictions when browsing for inspiration and creative tweaks. A good starting point is to stick to five things, five images or colors. Just today, I found an old emailed note to myself on, which I have now installed and intend to put to full use. Does anyone else else struggle with these things? I can’t be the only one.

So happy with my new workspace, and even happier to be working again.


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