October Instafavorites

I’ve been trying to be more active with Instagram lately in order to spread the social love and in doing so, I’ve discovered so many lovely accounts! I’ve decided to post a collective of the ones who have stood out the most to me in terms of style and aesthetic inspiration.



I have fallen in love with Rachel’s urban witch aesthetic that she has going on. Her Instagram is like scrolling through a perpetual Halloween.



Niky’s artwork is just stupendous. I love seeing what she does with animals resting on petals and flowerbeds, and the bright colors she uses brings a particularly cheerful feel to her macabre-twinged pieces. Plus, her decor speaks to me on so many levels.



I came across Courtney’s account by complete accident, but her feed seems to promote an overall feeling of a simple yet comfort-driven lifestyle. I love seeing her varying outfits and snapshots from around the city.



Saved my favorite for last! I loved stumbling across E.M.’s feed anything promoting body positivity I am 100% on board with. E.M. takes stunning photos with beautifully coordinated outfits showing off the more captivating parts of Philadelphia.

Do you have any favorite Insta accounts to follow? Follow me at @sarahmarvelous and comment with your username so I can check out your account!


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