Tomorrow I turn twenty-eight. Whoa.

My life at 27 has been different than I imagined it would be. Not just a little different. Different as in, Can you believe you’re holding a microphone and talking to yourself in front of strangers on a stage right now?, or Holy shit, you just met Rhea Butcher!, or People are giving you money for you art and you can’t handle it!. Awesome different.

I never in my life thought I would pursue creative arts as more than just a hobby. Never in my wildest dreams or even speculation did I consider that I would pursue stand-up comedy. I think when I was younger, I envisioned myself being an English teacher or maybe even furthering my education at this age. Now, I cannot accurately express the relief I feel that I did not pursue that path.

Some defining moments of being 27 have been:
Beginning my career as a stand-up comic. I’m less than a year in, but already peers in my community have taken a chance on booking me for their shows. It is blowing my mind that this is happening. This has been a huge turn in my life that I never saw coming; It’s also been one of the more challenging things I’ve ever pursued. I’m excited to see where it goes.
Got a killer job. Seriously, I somehow managed to land an amazing job at a relaxed tech company that encourages employee satisfaction, wellness, and flexibility. It’s so close to my house, central to my needs and places I frequent, and the compensation is insane. One day when I can get over my fear of bikes + cars on roads together, I will begin my adventure as a cyclist and bike to work.
Re-started my print shop. After a hiatus due to moving, fatigue, general life-business and juggling too many plates, I’ve restarted my Marvelous Prints shop on Etsy! Business is slowly picking up, and I’m stoked to see where it goes now that I can devote more time to helping my brand flourish.


Some goals while I’m 28 are:

Travel to a new country. Truthfully, this does overlap with a comedy goal because the thrill of performing in another country is motivating me to make this trip happen.
Run a marathon! I’ve been putting this off for years and I need to do it. I hate running and I hate exercise, but there are some fun, nerdy events that I think will motivate me to get through doing this thing that I can’t stand doing.
Start a Twitch account. I’ve wanted to do this for a while, and as soon as I can prioritize getting a capture card, I’ll be broadcasting my squealing, jumping, shrieking gameplay for all to see.


Master Photoshop and Illustrator. Despite knowing my way around them, I still don’t feel wholly comfortable in either of these programs. Locking myself in for some good old boring, dedicated tutorials or classes will probably help me and save me a lot of time in the future.
Work on my illustration. It has been so long since I’ve drawn anything.
Develop my photography skills.
Develop my illustration skills.


Start my own comedy show. I am stupidly excited about this idea. I’ve been dreaming about this pretty much since I stepped foot on stage for the first time, and with the support of some key local members, I’ve decided to just pull the trigger on it.
-Get booked on a festival. Since I’m still super new to the craft, this isn’t terribly important for me to accomplish since it’s such a far-fetched goal. But I have hopes that I can land a booking for even one small-ish comedy festival sometime during my 28th year.

Turn my shop into a fully-formed design business. I want to begin a legitimate self-made business before I am thirty.
Add card design to Marvelous Prints. I have so many ridiculous social card ideas that I’m excited to impliment.
Start a clothing shop. Like my ideas for cards, I have been adding clothing ideas to a master list for a long time. I hope to put this idea into production into the next year.

What I’ve learned at 27 is finally how to adult. I’ve learned how to do things I don’t want to do, but I still chip away at procrastination as perhaps my most centric flaw and it can still be a bummer sometimes. Contrastly, I’ve also learned that creativity is the key to my happiness. I can pinpoint the decline of my depression coinciding almost exactly with brandishing my skills as a new designer, artist, and performer, and it’s contributed to a monumental shift in myself as a person and how I function.

My aesthetics have changed over the course of the last year or so, but not to a degree I find myself being happy with. I find my wardrobe feeling plain and not very “me,” and I don’t find my style representing who I am. Basically, I have become lazy as hell when it comes to style. Part of this is my feminist obstinance in resistance to the beauty industry, but being honest with myself, I really just love the feeling of empowerment with a fab look. One of my goals for being freshly 28 is to re-acquaint myself with my style and figure out what my aesthetic is, and then to make it killer.

What are your plans for your next year?


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