Christmas in Bridgetown

When I first moved to Portland, I didn’t realize there would be an alarming absence of snow during the winter. There have been some spotty sprinkles here and there, but even after a massive city-wide debilitating snowstorm-to-end-all-snowstorms in which I was certain the White Walkers would descend upon us, the snow was all melted in the following week.

Mostly, I am deeply overjoyed by this prospect. Anyone who has spent their life navigating through snow, as I did growing up in Utah, would tell you that they feel the same. But even though I spent five dry, moisture-less, barren Christmases in Phoenix, Arizona, I still have never fully reconciled the idea of a holiday season without snow.

But it did make for wandering around Pioneer Square on Christmas morning pretty enjoyable. I went downtown, but didn’t really come away with anything I was happy with except for this. Someone wrapped charming red ribbons on each of the animal statues in front of the courthouse, and I found them just in time before I drove away.


What did your Christmas look like?



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