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I’m Sarah. Here you’ll find a balance between my interests and personal taste, and everything in between concerning my daily life, creative endeavors, and body-positive style. I juggle my time writing, designing for personal projects and commissions at my shop, illustration practice, and dabbling in photography, but sometimes I just feel like throwing on a coat and getting lost in my home of Portland, Oregon. I’m also a comedian in the local scene. You can find more about my comedy here.



I’ve moved from city to city across the West, bouncing from my small town in Utah to a smaller town in Idaho, to Phoenix, to San Francisco. I’ve dragged my pit bull Achilles and kitkat Balthazar around with me until finally found my home in Portland, Oregon. Living here has helped me discover my artistic talents, allowed me to pursue passions, and connected me to the most amazing creative people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. It feels like the lifestyle of this city is to find out what you’re good at and gorge yourself on locally crafted meals and brews while you’re doing it, all of which I am very happy to do.


I began freelancing in 2014 when I decided to pursue minimalist design after some time practicing and commissioning for friends. In 2016, I started Marvelous Empire, a design shop featuring nerdy, geeky, and pop culture minimalist prints. There are plans for the Marvelous Empire brand to expand this year, and you can be sure that I’ll let you know how it goes.

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